Wounded Knee

Community Development Corporation

“Empowering Wounded Knee District”


Letter from our CEO

Dear Friends of Wounded Knee,

CEO Notes: 9/29/2011

For those of you following the progress here at the Wounded Knee CDC, here are some good new updates. Our summer youth project was a big success and the restoration of a one hundred year old school-house was 80% completed by the young adults of the Wounded Knee District in cooperation with the OST Summer Youth Program (See image on this Web site.  Michael Brydge, a graduate student at CSU in Anthropology, helped organize and execute this project while teaching the young men involved a wide range of carpentry and construction skills. This will be a community youth center when completed. We are still looking for funds to complete this project.

On June 28th the Wounded Knee Community Development Corporation, received its 501c3 determination letter certifying it as a non-profit to which individuals and foundations can make tax-deductible contributions to support the work of the CDC. On August 5, 2011 we received our Non-Taxable status from the SD Department of Revenue.

On September 23, 2011, we received an official letter from Dana Kleinsasser that the USDA has obligated $99,000 to the Wounded Knee CDC for the planning and development of the Grocery Store building. This money can only be used when the funding for the entire project is in place. In July we submitted a $420,000 grant to HHS for the equity necessary to acquire a low interest BIA or USDA Guaranteed Loan for the construction of the Store and Gas Station. Larissa, Reisschneider an undergraduate Anthropology Student on loan from the anthropology department at CSU Fort Collins,  helped me complete and submit this complicated application.

On September 9th we submitted a $1,640,000 Grant to EDA for all of the subsurface utilities, the parking and landscaping and the pads for four buildings, a grocery store, retail business incubator, an automobile service center and a larger retail strip Mall. These grants are extremely competitive and there is no assurance we will get either of them, but you certainly cannot get them if you do not make the large effort to write and submit them, Wish us luck! Nathan Barton, a civil engineer with Professional Land Use Planners in Rapid City has been a guardian angel in helping us prepare these grants.

We are currently preparing a business plan for a burial casket manufacturing company, Premier Wood Products, in partnership with Mr. Charles Rooks, a tribal member, Funeral Director and successful business man, to be located at the Wounded knee CDC. It will create an initial 10 jobs and has amazing possibilities for growth.

We are currently working hard to plan the manufacturing plant and arrange financing of the start-up. Another critical goal is to acquire the funding to keep the CDC administration going for another fiscal year. We need to continue grant writing and supervising and effectively executing the grants we receive. If you would like to be a partner in any of these efforts, please contact us!

Mark St. Pierre, CEO Wounded Knee CDC